We believe at VegasKasino that gaming should always be fun, entertaining and in a safe environment. Offering quality gaming via online gaming platforms, we understand the associated risks with gaming and aim to create a safe atmosphere for our players to ensure that you remain within your comfort zone at all times.

For this reason, we encourage responsible gaming by allowing players to manage their own limits according to the level of playing they are comfortable with.

What are the signs of gambling problems?

Someone with a gambling problem will generally play with or lose more money than they originally intended – and therefore more than they can afford. 

Often the winning are re-bet in an attempt to regain the money lost, resulting in an even bigger loss. If this behaviour continues, it will result in long-terms problems related to health, finances and social relations. In the worst case scenario, a gambling addiction is developed, resulting in a further spiral downhill. There are varying degrees of gambling problems, there are general indicators to look out for. These include:

  • You lie about how much time or for how much money you gamble
  • You return to win back lost money
  • Your thoughts are mainly occupied with thoughts of past games or/and playing the next game
  • You gamble for more money than you intend to do
  • You have tried to limit your gambling or quit gambling but failed
  • You rely on others to solve your financial situation

Know when to stop

Much of the contact with our players is through interaction by email and live chat – and therefore some of the signs can be detected by our personnel. The responsibility for quitting gambling is on the individual themselves, but if you decide that you should be prohibited to gamble, VegasKasino can also help with this. When it comes to online gaming we can offer the following help:

  • Limit how much you can add to your playing account per day or week
  • Ask to have your account closed. In the cases where a gambling addiction is specified, the account will never be re-opened, even if the player claims that he or she has cured their addiction.

Ask for professional advice and support

There are many independent organizations that can provide you professional help and support. Please check this websites for more information:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding responsible gaming, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team.


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