European Roulette is among the most popular casino games on the planet. Millions of people worldwide enjoy this game every year but few have a true understanding of the odds and how to maximize their chances of winning big. While nothing is guaranteed in a casino setting there are a number of things that you can do in order to boost your earnings over the long term. This game is played from Macau to Las Vegas and across the world online so having a good understanding of it is imperative. In the following article we will go over some of the best European Roulette tricks that you can follow to make your trip to the casino a fantastic one. 

Place Your Bets on Rows

While many people either choose red or black when they are betting roulette they often forget they have the option of betting on a full row of numbers. This not only allows you to bet on a large portion of a color scheme- it also gives you a bonus when you hit on a specific number. This means that while your chances remain similar to hitting a particular color you have the added bonus of hitting on a number and winning big. Remember- big rewards often require big risks- just like in life.

Hedge Your Bets

While a solid red or black play can be fun you can win even more money by changing it up and covering the spread. So instead of just playing red or black throw some money on green- either 00 or 0. This is especially useful to do with online casinos since the number generators tend to work a little bit differently than roulette in casinos. Many of these tips will actually work better online- European Roulette tricks should be solid most places that have safe games though.

Always Keep Track of Your Numbers

Now theoretically roulette is completely a game of chance but certain gamblers are able to notice patterns in the numbers. This has been true of roulette since it first became popular. Keeping track of the numbers allows you to be a smart gambler and measure where the ball is consistently landing. If you see the ball land on the same number or row over a long period of time take a chance and bet that number. Worst case scenario you lose a small bet but your chances of a huge payout go up exponentially if you spot a flaw or pattern in the system. 

European Roulette tricks tend to be pretty self-evident to most seasoned gamblers. Even if you are a gaming newbie you should not feel scared to play around with your bets. A lucky bet can mean the difference between winning and losing. One of the most fun things about roulette is the fact that there are so many different bets that you can make. It is also one of the games in a casino where you can get the highest edge versus the house and that is worth fighting for.


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