About the game

Treasure Room is a well known casino game that is quite enjoyable. This game uses a solid five-reel slot provided by BetSoft Gaming. This game unlike others has many bonus features and a never used before treasure room bonus. Shield and sword bonuses are also included in the bonus mix. The mass amounts of bonuses and well designed graphics make this game a must try. The search for the treasure room is challenging, but very rewarding. The effects throughout this game are so life like and realistic.

How To Play

This game is not available on mobile devices, but can be played on Windows and Mac. There is no download required to play this game. Everything is instantly down online. So there is no need to worry about space being taken up or viruses. The columns of treasure are lined up and there is a big spin button at the bottom right. Once you click the spin button the columns will rotate and pictures will randomly align. If there is a pattern of a specific treasure piece, then the gold chain will cross out the items. There is a betting feature that can be changed throughout the game to try and win big. The balance and total credits will be displayed at the bottom as well.

The background behind the game is all about going on a mission to find the hidden treasure prizes. The treasure was hidden by the Roman Emperors. The Emperors give out a map that is used to guide you on your journey. There are all different kinds of treasure items such as coins, chests, diamonds, and rings. The hidden treasures reveal secrets to huge payout bonuses. 

The special features offered throughout this game are not only intriguing, but payout well too. There are numerous chances to win big throughout the win combos. A second screen bonus is nothing to shy away from.


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