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Video poker continues to be a popular way to gamble online. And Split Way Royal has decided to take advantage of it. This free online video poker game can be considered one of a kind, with it's virtual analogue of 52-card deck with absolutely no jokers, and it's shuffle feature that mixes the cards before each and every hand. 


Players can play Split Way Royal on bets from one to five coins, with a value of up to $5. If you are a bigger fish, you can easily bet up to $25 per hand. 

When it comes to classic poker hands in Split Way Royal, player's hands range from royal flush to Jacks, and these are considered winning.There is one exception, which is that there are two kinds of royal flushes, making this video game slot even more complex compared to it's competition. 

Unlike many other casinos in the industry, Split Way Royal does not offer bonus games. It's all about the game of poker at this free casino. There is also no progressive pot in Split Way Royal, making it seem lackluster in the bonus areas. 

But when it comes to the interface, one can't deny that this online casino game is easy to navigate and use. There is nothing to download, and the model itself is similar to a real device. 

Many people have compared Split Way Royal to Jacks or Better, which is interesting considering that those who have played it are becoming tired of playing the classic poker style. Even though the graphics aren't the best you've ever seen, they are still of great quality. With Split Way Royal, it really is all about the game. It's about letting players get comfortable with the art of poker, as well as giving them a new and improve way to play it.


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