About the game

The gaming industry has experienced a revolution with the introduction of new games. Pharaoh King is a fantastic online video slot that provides an opportunity for gamers to tour the ancient Egypt. Players have a responsibility of discover pyramids, historic treasures, and mummies. With an Internet connection and a computer installed with Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system, gamers are good to go.

It is a product of BetSoft Gaming Technology. Players can win a jackpot if they are interested in playing for real money. The slot is comprised of 5-reel and 20-line machine that offers the common scatter, wild, and a bonus game, which lead players toward the jackpot.


Pharaoh King borrows much of its aspects from the earliest Egyptian culture. The colorful boundary is compared to the desert-brown stones and rocks background. The graphics are designed to resemble common things in ancient Egypt in an eclectic mix. Some of the symbols gamers will encounter include Clay Jars, Pyramids, and Scarabs.


The game provides a continuous jackpot and an interesting bonus to unlock various tombs, and open impressive payouts. The players are supposed to be sure of the winning spin before placing their bet. This is the only trick of winning the progressive jackpot. The Scarab and the scatter attract highest payouts, and are symbols of the jackpot. When gamers play maximum coin number, they are awarded with the jackpot.

Playing guide

The playing machine contains five major buttons. The bet per line is pressed to select the number of coins that will be used for each line. The paylines are changed by clicking select line buttons. When the spin button is pressed, the reels spin. Choose coin allows players to change denomination of the coin. Bet Max allows them to choose paylines and spin at their bet level and coin worth.


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