About the game

"Pyramid Bonus Poker" is one of the world's exciting, fair and easy to play online video poker games. It offers a realistic 52 card poker simulation which is just like playing Vegas. Once you start playing "Pyramid Bonus Poker" you'll have a hard time stopping!

Play for Fun or Real Cash!

Anybody playing with a free account instantly receives 9,999 "fun bucks" at no cost and no obligation to join. Re-load the game if you run out to instantly receive more. Sign up for a pay account and deposit real money for the chance to win real payouts. Take advantage of our first discount match bonus by depositing up to $100. We will match your deposit to instantly double your account!

Point and Click to Win

Don't worry about complex gaming controls when you play “Pyramid Bonus Poker.” Simply move your mouse cursor over the gaming buttons and left click to activate. Every button is labeled to make the game as easy to understand as possible.

Two Different Ways to Win

One of the most unique aspects of this game is our three-card and five-card payout system. Three-card hands are easier to make but offer a lower payout while the five card hands pay out huge cash prizes. The best part of our two-hand payout system is winning off both a three card and a five card hand in the same deal!

Double Up Your Winnings for Big Bucks

“Pyramid Bonus Poker” gives you the chance to instantly double up your earnings after every winning hand. You must choose between one of four face down cards in an attempt to pick a card that is higher than the face up card. Stop after a successful double up or continue doubling for the chance to exponentially increase your winnings.


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