Pyramid Aces and Faces Poker

About the game

Casino Vegas offers the finest selection of online video slots, poker and casino games in the world. One of our most popular games is "Pyramid Aces and Faces" a simple video poker game, where players can play for fun or hit the jackpot with real cash betting!

Unique Scoring Methods

"Pyramid Aces and Faces" features unique three and five card winning combinations. Three card combinations are simpler to make but pay out less while five card hands pay out the real jackpots! 

Automatic Hand Calculation

Don't worry about choosing between the different types of winning hands: earnings for both three and five card hands are automatically calculated. That's right: you can win off of multiple hand combinations in a single deal.

High Maximum Payout

"Pyramid Aces and Faces" doesn't skimp out on your winnings. Shrewd players can win up to £ 4,200 by maxing out their bets and holding out for the right hand. Winning hands include a pair of jacks or better all the way up the mother of all poker hands: the natural royal flush.

Real Vegas Odds

Are you sick of games that seemed rigged up for you to lose over and over again? "Pyramid Aces and Faces" simulates a 52 card deck which means you have the same odds that you would playing against a real dealer. This helps avoid the boredom of repeatedly seeing the same cards.

Doubling Up

Take a walk on the wild side after each winning hand by choosing to double up your earnings. If players decide to double up, five cards are dealt with one face up. Players must choose a face down card that is higher than this card. You can double up until you lose or decide to collect your earnings.


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