About the game

Although most people truly are looking for gold when they are playing slot machines, the More Gold Diggin slot machine game brings a whole new meaning to the term digging for gold, as they combine classic graphics of a few redneck looking gold diggers, as they try to hit the big time, with your typical slot machine game.

The game features your standard five spinning reels, which have three rows, giving twenty five total lines that can be hit for a winner. The symbols in the game feature a variety of gems and stones, as well as pieces of gold, and a large TNT box. The diamonds in the game lead to the biggest payout, with the maximum winner in the game being a total hitting of five diamonds in a row. The player has the option to bet small amounts, or can decide to increase to the maximum total amount, which gives the ability to hit the highest jackpot in the game. 

There are several bonuses that are also in the game, which give the player the ability to hit more coins, or more gold. There is one symbol that has three sticks of dynamite, which functions as a wild symbol, meaning that the three sticks of dynamite will complete any other line that needs a particular symbol to win. If the player happens to get three TNT symbols during their spin, the symbols on the reel will explode, ultimately giving the player the chance to win up to three times the original amount that they would have been paid out. If you like playing slot machine games online, there is no question that this is one game you should try out.


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