About the game

Monkey Money is a great game to play especially if you love casino games. It's like being at the casino while at home. You can choose how many lines you want to bet on, then your bet per line, and then click spin. You can also do the max bet every time to increase your chances of winning more. 

How to Play

There are different coin amount options that you can choose from on Monkey Money. You would need to select the box in the bottom right hand corner to change the currency amount. The options are $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, or $1.00. Once you have chosen the amount you are going to bet then you would decide how many lines you want to bet on or if you are going to do max bet at that level. You can play up to 9 lines. So the max bet with the highest dollar amount and highest number of lines would be $9.00 a spin. The least you could bet at a time would be 1 line at $0.02 a spin. You will be provided pretend money to play on when you start. However, you may play with real money if you want to. 

Bonus Round

While playing Monkey Money, if you happen to collect three coconuts during your spins you will get to go to bonus round. These coconuts can be collected one at a time as well. In the bonus round there will be four tree with two coconuts in each tree. You get to pick any coconut you want. The monkey will climb the tree and pick the coconut you have chosen. Then he will crack it up on his head. Inside will be a number of coins that you have won. You can keep picking coconuts, one at a time, until you have received a rotten coconut that will not crack open. Once this happens the bonus round is over. You will win the coins that you did crack open. 

While you are collecting coconuts during your spins, it is wise to not change the currency amount if you already have some collected. If you do change the currency while you have a coconut collected you will then lose it. So this is a risk of losing out on bonus round. However, if you haven't collected any coconuts at all then you can change the currency that you want to bet and it will not effect you. 

The more lines that you play is going to increase your chances of winning. Then the more you bet is going to increase your payout that you will receive every time you hit something that will win. This is the best way to win the most especially when you are playing with your actual money. 

If you want to know what exactly will payout to you, there is a list of what is considered a win. This list is located at the top right hand side of the game. This will show you everything that will win and how much it will win.


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