About the game

Jackpot Ultra is a classic slot machine game that can easily be played online. The game has your typical three slot reels and three rows, with the intention of the game being to hit different lines across the board, which consist of a variety of symbols. The game stays classic with their symbols, as there is an orange, grapes, cherries, watermelons, sevens, bars, and your other typical symbols that you would normally find in a slot machine game. The player has a certain overall amount of coins that are in their purse, and they can choose how much they want to bet before spinning the reel each and every time.


The more that the player bets with at the beginning of each spin, the higher the overall payout, although there is another feature in this game that makes it quite original. If the player spins the reel and hits a winning line across the board, they will get the option to attempt to double up. This is a game of luck, as the player gets to choose between a one or a star. If they hit the correct pick, they will double up the amount of money that they had won on the original spin of the reel. If they pick wrong, they will lose all of the money that they had won on that spin, making the game a lot more fun to play than your typical slot machine, which just consists of spinning the reel and getting the pay out.


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