About the game

"Barbary Coast" is an exciting pirate themed online slot machine from "Vegas casino" that combines the excitement of your favorite pirate movies with the thrill of real slot machines. Action, adventure and beautiful maidens await you on the "Barbary Coast"!

True Visual Appeal

As soon as you load the game, you experience an introduction movie that features high quality graphics and sound. Watch the whole video to jump into the dangerous and fun world of "Barbary Coast."

Easy to Understand Control

Our fun and intuitive mouse based interface makes it simple for anybody to pick up our games and start playing immediately. It's as simple as pointing your mouse and clicking on the betting and spinning options. 

Auto Betting

Need to take a break from the computer? Set up "auto play” to keep the fun going. Start by setting the amount you want to bet on each line, the number of lines on which you want to bet and the number of spins desired. Provided you have the money, the game will play automatically for you.

Bonus Cash

Occasionally, you'll have the chance to make big bucks with the bonus cash payout. Bonuses come in the form of instant cash payouts or in a thrilling one-on-one sword fight with the vicious Blackbeard. Choose the right options during your sword fight to beat the pirate, win some gold and get the beautiful girl!

Play for Fun or Profit!

"Barbary Coast" instantly loads up with £1,000 of fun money. Don't worry about running out: simply reload the game to get your fun money instantly refilled! However, if you're interested in winning real money, create an account and deposit up to £100 to get the "100% Match" bonus that instantly doubles your deposit!


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