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At one point or another almost everyone can copy to being a 'tipsy tourist'. 
Celebrate a vacation gone well by trying this exciting slot here!

Game Review

Wild symbols, free spins and drinking bonuses add even more excitement to the game. Place a max bet if you're feeling lucky and let the wheels roll to the big pot. Logging on for the first time to tour the site will find customers a little pleasantly surprised. The site offers an opportunity to try out the games for a trial run before you pay to play, so trying the Tipsy Tourist will no doubt give you the bug to keep playing this fast moving, entertaining game. 
When it comes to games of skill and chance this is one of the most popular games on the site. 

It won’t be long before you'll be hooked. The tourist icon adds a whimsical factor to the game and utilize the max bet and auto spin features too. It's simply a good time. 


Bonuses help you keep money in the bank. Your account will grow that much faster while you rack up additional monies as you get more brave with your wagers. You can earn great bonuses with each of your first three deposits to your account too. 

Slot games let you celebrate with holidays themed games, buy into the zombie craze or play a game with a nod to South Park. But the Tipsy Tourist is fast becoming a favorite proving there really is a game for every taste. 

vegaskasino.com offers plenty of payment options too when it’s time to cash out your winnings from the Tipsy Tourist.

When you play live casino games on vegas casino you play against players from all over the world which only adds a little more excitement to the games. Make sure to watch the entire introduction with the real tipsy tourist showing how he gets tired of everyday life and plans to head out for vacation. 
The decision to play online is easy, figuring out which game to play just got easier too.


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