About the game

Swap 21 is a variation of the Blackjack that allows the player to manoeuvre with cards, trading them between two hands. In Blackjack, this is considered as a classic way of cheating. The player is required to make two bets, equal in size and can switch the second card dealt with each hand. There is a trade-off though as the dealer 22 outcomes result in a deal against all hands that have not been busted leading to even more payoff from the blackjacks

The basics of playing Swap 21

• All conventional rules of playing Blackjack apply. 

• Six decks are used for the game.
• The dealer hits a soft 17
• Cards are dealt face-up 
• There must be two bets that are of equal size

The dealer peeks for a blackjack with ten up or an ace. If the dealer gets hold of the blackjack, all the player hands lose immediately with an exception of the player with the blackjack who will push. Moreover, the player may switch cards in order to form a blackjack. Alternatively, he or she may switch the second card that is dealt with each hand. 

If the dealer has a total of 22, he can push against any player that has 21 or less except the player blackjack the can still beat the dealer 22. The players are allowed to double on any two cards and may do so after a split. However, a player can only split every hand once. If you split two Aces, you end up with one additional card on each hand. If you split a hand and ended up having one of the hands having totals of 21, you would not be considered Blackjack but just the 21. 

You can bet anything from one chip to a hundred chips. As for the Pair Plus side bet you can play any number of chips but not beyond fifty chips. You win on Pair Plus if your four initial cards contain two or more of the cards of the similar kind such as Jacks and Aces. You can increase and decrease your bet as the game goes on.


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