About the game

Pack your bag and set sail for amazing adventure in the land of taffy. A super-sweet adventure waits for you on the other side of Sugar Pop, the fun new game brought to you by Vegas Casino. In this interactive slots game, you’ll enjoy interesting rewards, leveling features, power candies, and other items, as you power your way through each level in this game. 

What is Sugar Pop all about?

Far from traditional slot games Sugar Pop plays a great deal like other sugar and candy-themed games, you’ll need to make matches on similar colored tiles and cause avalanches of candy. The game does all the hard work for you. You’ll just need to lay back and enjoy the show! Candies that have three or more color matches will break apart allowing other candies to fall into place. Once you’ve completed the Bonus pattern you’ll gain and enjoy the benefits of more powerful candy bonuses. 

How to level up in Sugar Pop?

Once you’ve scored a high enough level you’ll move on to the next level in Sugar Pop. There you’ll enjoy additional rewards, power-ups, and stronger candies. Candies like the rainbow lollipop, which will cause the board to spin to create new matches. If you’re wondering how much longer you have to go before your next level, just watch the water pump on the side. Once it’s filled, you’ll advance to the next level. The level play is a relatively new feature to slots and rewards the diligent player who prefers to play one game for a long period. 

Where can I play Sugar Pop?

You can play Candy Pop online at The Vegas Casino. Where they specialize in fun and exciting new games for slots and other classic board games. Each one of their games comes with a free demo and fun money to spend. So, you can try Sugar Pop for free before giving it a go professionally


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