About the game

Sin City Nights is the most recent gaming machine craze by Betsoft. It's something you should attempt in the event that you are an ardent gaming fans. The diversion offers you a look at a Las Vegas scene with its exquisite 3D, energetic and a la mode design and elements. With these cutting edge machine slots, you don't have to go Vegas just to experience how it feels to be in the Sin City.

How to Play?

Sin City Nights machine slots essentially has 5 reel openings and pay lines up to 25.  These reel openings accompany distinctive pictures to be specific the wilds, cherries and playing cards as symbols for various components.  The fundamental elements are the Free Spin, Double up Button, Wild Symbols and Exploding Icons.


#1. Free Spin – You can discover free turns on the reels 1, 2 and 3.  The free spins can increase your winning streak chances up. 

#2. Wild Symbols – Wild Images are utilized as contrasting option to different other symbols, free spins included and can be found to reels 2, 3 and 4 only. 

#3. Double Up Button - After a win, it is urged that the player shall endeavor the double up button. Wagering most of your credits is one option you can have while on the other hand, you can also just bet half of your wins. These options are represented by a tail and head symbols. If the attempt shall be given successful, the player’s winnings shall be doubled. 

#4. Exploding Icons – There will be winning combinations on the Sin City Machine Slots. Plus we are sure, you can’t get enough with the exploding icons that will offer you chances of getting more prizes. These exploding icons comes with a feature that will multiply your winnings on different terms, from times 1 up to 15. 

The Sin City Nights Machine Slots has only around 3% index of not having the Return to Player Option. With this case, Sin City Nights gaming machine is one of the high end gaming trends one casino enthusiasts should give a try! Remember to bet wisely and don’t just focus on the prize but enjoy the game!


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