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I spent quite a bit of time playing Rook's Revenge this weekend. More than I'd like to admit really. You are entertained throughout by a dancing Aztec Chief who has got the moves. Moves that make you smirk and grin that is. The whole premise is simple enough. There are Aztec symbol blocks that fall into place and if you match enough of them you win. The graphics are impressive as well, with animations that are fluid and organic to watch. I rarely had any hiccups in the frame rate.


I played the free version of the game and am still playing it. It is quite addictive, as any good casino games are. The backdrop is colorful and suits the tone of the game your playing. There are 3 lines of 5 blocks and variations of lines to connect your sets. You can start out with a minimum bet of 25 credits or max out your bet at 125 credits if you wish. You can see the pay lines by moving your mouse over the numbers on the side to see where they hit. You are given 1000 credits at the start of the game, with the option to sign up and get 5,000 free credits for joining.

Every time you hit enough for a win, the chief does a little victory dance, to showboat and make the matches more fun. It works quite well for keeping you hitting that spin icon again and again. Each time that your lines fall the multiplier adds all the way up to 5 times multiplier, as long as each drop is a success. It's quite funny to see the chief do dances like 'the worm' when you hit points. He is comically mis-perportioned fun comic effect. This kept me playing even though there were no bonuses to speak of on my play through.

It's the lighthearted and fun atmosphere the game creates that kept me hitting the spin icon in the end. With the many games out there, this one stood out a bit for me.


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