About the game

Puppy Love is a fun multiline virtual reel casino game that features, you guessed it, puppies! The game begins with a view inside a pet store where a couple is looking to adopt a puppy. After the cute opening scene, it’s straight to the reels. The game is pretty straight forward when it comes to gameplay. Its classic slot machine interface is easy to navigate, however, if you need an explanation of the games paylines and features, simply click the “VIEW PAYS” button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

When you spin a winning line, the puppy you land on becomes animated. The puppies come in different breeds including Pugs, Beagles, and Pit Bulls. They can be seen chasing a ball or jumping around playfully. To add to the cuteness, all puppies are dressed in cozy sweaters, making it a great game to play when you’re looking to boost your mood.

Special Features

Puppy Love comes with three special features. The Wild Symbol is a dog collar with “Puppy Love” inscribed on the tag. It is applied to all plays except the Free Spins and Bonus Round symbols. When three Wild Symbols appear on reel 3 or 4, they become Wild Reels and earn up to four free spins. When three dog bowls appear on reals 2 – 4, you are awarded ten free spins. When two “Puppies for Sale” signs appear on an active playline, the Puppy Store Bonus Round is triggered.

Overall, Puppy Love is an enjoyable, feel-good casino game that meets the needs and expectations of the casual gamer. I encourage slot machine lovers everywhere to give it a go. 


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