About the game

Pontoon is a virtual game, which is a variant of the classic black jack game, which can be played in just about every single casino on the planet, as well as pretty much every site online that offers up internet gambling. The game is set up in the same manner, in that the player gets dealt cards and is basically playing against the house, or the dealer, with the overall intention of the game to beat out the dealer.

Pontoon Rules

If the player comes out with better cards than the house, they win their hand, but if they lose to the dealer, they forfeit the chips that they have bet with, which are currently sitting in the pot during the hand.

Pontoon Blackjack


The biggest difference in pontoon, as opposed to blackjack, is the fact that in black jack two cards are dealt, but one of the cards is faced up. This is to let the dealer and the player see half of what they have, leaving them to bet on what they think the other card may be and thus, their overall total in relation to a total sum of twenty one. However, in pontoon the cards are both dealt faced down and the game is typically played with either a single or double fifty two card deck. The game cards get shuffled when a person hits twenty one. Pontoon is a great game to play to have a little variety when it comes to black jack, and there is no doubt that the video version of Pontoon is well worth playing as well.


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