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Mega Jackpot Rules and Review

Mega jackpot is a popular five column online video slot with twenty different play styles.The reel uses a throwback theme. The spin outcome for this game uses four lucky 7 icons for pay line, in terms of two, three, four, and five. The win is considered if the pay-line combination starts from the first our farthest left reel. Then the line would work over to the right. 


When operating with the pay-for-respin feature, a player is allowed to use a re-spin only for a single reel. This method only allows for the recall of four lucky 7 icons. Pay-for-re-spin increases the overall probability of landing a five-of-a-kind combination, if the re-spin lands on another lucky 7 on reel one and pay-line 20. 

The re-spin sign is presented under the reel and there is a button to click when deciding to go along with a single reel. The cost per spin is going to be highlighted under the reel. The amount will vary with each different reel and also depends on the original bet.

Bonus Symbol

In order to get the opportunity to land Mega Jackpot Bonus Symbol, a spin result must land two ore more bonus symbols showing up any spot across five reels. Each bonus symbol that appears, gives out five free spins. That does not include the 10-20 bet-free spins available initially. Bonus games can be brought up again after the appearance of more bonus game icons. This gives the players a chance to strike big on the 400,000 coin jackpot. 

The highest paying symbol of Betsoft classic style video slot is the dollar amount symbol. It will pay out 10,000 coins at most. This will happen if a five-of-a-kind set appears. Plus the Mega Jackpot Bonus Symbol dishes out payments of two, five, forty, and one hundred for every two or up to five icons appearing.

This highly rated game is perfect for those that are looking for the casino experience online. It is easy to get used to after playing a couple of rounds. Even those that don't have experience could do well. The game also pays out pretty well.


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