About the game

Mega Gems is an online based slot machine game that can be played at a plethora of casinos on the internet. The game itself is not visually stunning or extravagant, as it is your typical slot machine, with various symbols that spin on five separate reels, which is the standard and ordinary, whether you are talking about slot machine games that you would play in a casino, as well as the online video slot machine games.


The one difference in the graphics is that the game is made up of all gems, of various colors and sizes, with the goal of the game being to hit the various line combinations that correspond to different amounts of coins. The game is a progressive jackpot, meaning that the more the game is played, the higher amount the ads up and can be paid out to the eventual winner that hits the perfect spin.

Blue gems symbol

Blue gems are one of the symbols that pay out the best, although there are also wild symbols, which complete any single line that is going across the board, made up of other symbols that would hit a winning amount and pay coins out to the player. Another great bonus in the game is that when a wild is hit, not only are various lines on the board completed, giving the player extra shots at winning money, but there is also a separate extra spin that takes place, which then gives the player a whole new chance at hitting a winning combination, raising the propensity for hitting a winner.


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