About the game

It Came From Venus Jackpot is a unique multi-line casino reel game that features an alien Venus flytrap and a simple farmer. It opens with an out-of-this-world animated scene of a monstrous plant descending from outer space, straight into the farmer’s chicken coop. It is a scene that delivers a solid plot, which many casino games tend to lack.

Game Features

Once you have watched (or skipped) the opening scene, it’s straight to the reels. At the bottom of the screen, the game gives you the option to bet on up to 30 different lines, as well as adjust the amount of tender you wish to bet.

To view the games paylines and features, click on the “View Pays” button at the top right-hand corner of the chicken coop. It features 9 basic payout lines depicting game characters and average farm structures. When a line is won, the reels become animated.

Special game features including Feed Me Free Spins, Random Wild, Scatter Pays, Double Up, and Stacked Collapsing Wins. Double Up is activated below the “Spin” button after any winning play. In a separate screen, you may choose whether the next tossed item will be missed or caught by the giant alien plant. When 2 reels display the same symbol in an entire column, Stacked Collapsing Wins is activated, awarding you with extra game credits.

This game delivers all the fun of a classic casino reel while entertaining players with an interesting sci-fi backstory. It is definitely worth a spin.


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