About the game


Heist is a slot machine based game where players live their fantasies of breaking into a virtual bank. They play the most action based bank robbery. The rules are simple: break into the bank itself, get the safe open, and then get back home without getting caught. This game is one of the only games offered where players actually have a chance to earn a lot more than they actually put into the game, and is a favorite for many. 

Bonus Round

There is even a bonus round that players have a lot of fun to play. With this bonus round, there are over 20 safes that will appear on screen. It is the player's job to select which safes they want before the bank alarm goes up. If a player gets to a multiplier safe, the alarm will automatically go off, but the amount of money that the player wins gets multiplied by the number that they won. 

Heist's new 3D based game-play provides movie-like graphics that allow players to really feel as though they are really involved in the process of robbing a bank. With its winnings, this game has become quite popular and is one of Vegas Casino's top featured games. With games like these, it is no wonder why Vegas Casino is very popular to this day and may continue to be for a long time to come. 


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