About the game

Event Horizon is a fun, interactive slot game from vegaskasino.com. Below is a general impression of the game and the pros and cons while playing.

General Rules

The beginning balance is 1,000 and 50,000 credits with the chance to reach a 144,000 balance. The goal is to match a minimum of three or more symbols across a reel for a winning combination. A long combination will give an increase in your overall balance, while normal combos will increase your credits. There are twelve letters, numbers and symbols that can be played for a winning combination. The Cherry symbol, A, and K combos both equal 40, 15, and 4 depending on the amount of combinations, with five, four and three being acceptable combination lengths. Q, J and 10 combinations give 25, 10, and 3 credit winnings. The symbol BAR gives up to 400 credits if five are in any kind of combination. The bell symbol and the number seven are the highest combination winners with the total being 500 to 1000 respectively. There is a wild symbol that can represent anything.

First Impressions:

When placing my bet the balance stayed relevantly stable at 9,975 my credits quickly diminished to 9000. This is with only betting .25, but when I did win they usually credited me an average of 40 credits. The first fifteen minutes of playing I had around 4000 credits consistently. 


I liked the graphics, you have an option to lower the graphic quality, but I kept it at the highest level, everything was crisp and clear which made the experience enjoyable. I also liked the option for multiplayer, even if you are playing alone the multiplayer option allows for multiple bets across multiple reels. 


I did not like how you were timed out relatively quickly, while I was reading the options/instructions I was timed out for inactivity, which mean I had to start over. I also wish I could have an option to expand the game for a full screen experience. 

Overall I would recommend the game for anyone who love to play different slot games.


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