About the game

European Roulette, a game offered on online Vegas Casino sites, has a high potential for high payouts, much like its non-electronic counterpart. Roulette is a rather simple game and rather easy to pick up. The setup of the game is that of a board with numbers between one and thirty six, with even numbers being colored black and odd numbers being colored red with an extra number, uncolored, known as zero.

How To Play

A wheel, with the number printed on it, spins and a small ball is released. When it lands on a number, that number is the winning number. There are several ways in which one can bet: they can bet a particular number, they can bet on the number's color, on whether or not the number will be in a particular row, on whether the number will be in range from one to eighteen or 19 to 36, on whether the number will be in range from one to twelve, thirteen to twenty four or twenty five to thirty six and they can bet on whether the number is even or odd.


The payouts vary based on the risk of a particular bet. When one bets on color they have a chance of just below fifty percent and, in the case of a correct bet, double their money. The same goes for betting on whether or not the number will be odd or even. When betting on rows or whether or not the numbers will range between one and twelve, thirteen and twenty four or twenty and thirty six, one has around one third chance of winning, but triples their money if they pick the winning choice. When betting on a number, one has a one in thirty seven chance of winning. While these odds may not be incredibly high, if one bets on the correct number, they stand to gain thirty seven times the amount bet. Being that roulette is a game of chance, there are no real strategies on how to win. The game is completely randomized, and one cannot plan for a random event.



However, while one cannot apply roulette strategy to win more, one can play responsibly, minimizing risk and losses. One useful strategy is to take one's winnings off the table and only play with money they intended to gamble with. While one may still lose the money they came to the game with, if they keep their winnings they are more likely to walk away with money. Knowing when to stop is essential. It is also essential for one to know their limits. One should never bet more than they are prepared, and can afford, to lose. While gambling is a very enjoyable activity, a gambling addiction is a very serious issue and if one has trouble holding back while gambling, they may have one. When played responsibly, by knowing their limits and not spending more than they can afford to lose, European Roulette, and all games of chance, is an enjoyable way to pass time with potential monetary benefits.

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