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Crazy Jackpot 60K is a three reels and 27 payline online casino game developed by Betsoft Gaming. The game is unique since out of three main reels, two are smaller and are known as "Crazy Reels". In addition, a player can win an incredible 60,000 coins if his /her spin is lucky. The first step is to select the size of your bet, and the number of paylines you want to play and then spin the wheel to get the lucky chance.


The game is developed in classic fruit machines or slots that have amazing features Cherries and Lemons. The Crazy Reels are found to the right side of the main reelset, and can only play when a player has won. If the player is lucky, the Crazy Reels could multiply the win by up to 200x. After every two-three spins, it is highly likely that a player will get a winning combination. Indeed, the win might be small, but the multiplier could make the winning much better if you are lucky.


For a person to hit the 200x win when playing Crazy Jackpot 60K, he/she must hit the top multiple in every joker symbols on Crazy Reels. It is a simple game that does not offer free spins, levels, trails or bonuses. You'll only get amazing chance to multiply your win to something very impressive. The first Crazy Reel win can offer a player 2x, 3x or 5x. The wild symbol in Crazy Jackpot 60K is the Joker Symbol which can substitute to all other symbols. The second Crazy Reel multiplies all the total wins with 4x, 6x, 10x or the Joker is revealed and it multiplies the win by 2x-20x.


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