About the game

Birds is the new, exciting game introduced by vegaskasino.com powered by Bet Soft Gaming. The game takes advantage of the very popular Angry Birds game being played by children and their parents around the world.


This fun game is based on a five reel slots game with three windows for each reel. In this game, instead of icons in clearly defined windows, it is birds of many colors landing on a spongy series of three telephone wires, which create the picture of the five reel slots game and its windows. The backdrop is a picturesque meadow in the center of a metropolitan city.

The birds run the gamut of colors from pale gray to orange and red. They fly in slow motion toward the wires to roost, and when the birds form winning patterns, those birds fly off, and new birds take their places offering another chance to win. There are birds of many different feather colors. You will see a bluebird with headphones, a green bird with glasses and one bird with spiked yellow hair.

How to Play

Playing the game is very easy, just select the amount of your bet and push the button, or select auto play and watch the charming birds fly from the left of your screen to land on that series of telephone wires. They fly off to the right as a new flock enters the picture, giving the player another good chance to win. 
This game is in complete contrast to the impression one gets when they see the cover page of the Vegas casino website. Here you will see a beautiful woman holding a large cigar in her hand as the background scene of the strip in Las Vegas looms into view.


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