About the game

What can I say? J'adore this French-themed slot machine game! The beginning of the game sets up the story: By day, Paris is a beautiful, thriving city of love, but by night, seedy characters come out with less-than-desirable intentions. The bad guy of this game is a burglar (a French burglar, you can tell by the black and white striped shirt and red bandana) who wants to break into the Paris Museum to steal valuable artwork. But his every turn is thwarted by Paris' top security guard, Jerome LaBaste and his pooch. 


The music, ambiance, and graphics for this game are entertaining and will keep your attention. Some of the images featured are: a croissant, Monsieur Jerome LaBaste himself, his guard dog, several pieces of artwork, and the couple dining at the cafe shown in the beginning of the video. 


I love that Jerome LaBaste and his dog are in the forefront of the game, cheering you on every time you win. The dog hops around, barking, and the security guard claps and offers words of encouragement. The only thing I'd like to see from this game would be a sequence combination to trigger a bonus feature. I think it might be fun to play for the opportunity to play as the burglar to steal different pieces of artwork, selecting them myself for a chance to win varying prizes, or something to that effect. But even without it, the creator has come up with a great theme many will enjoy.


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