About the game

Alkemores Tower is a video slot machine game, which features a wizard theme, although the game is played just like your typical slot, in that you can pick how much you want to bet and spin the reel.

243 Combinations

There are two hundred and forty three ways that the player can hit a combination, which can be hit by one of the many lines diagonally and horizontally across the spinning reels. The player can either choose to bet a small amount, or can go ahead and pick the maximum amount or any amount in the middle and spin the reel. There are various spells that can hit the reel, based on the outcome of your original spin, which can affect the board and the overall winnings that get delivered.



The water elemental spell hits the board with a large wave of water, causing some of the reels to spin wild, meaning the player has a much higher chance of hitting winning combinations and thus, winning more coins on the original pull. There are various elements that hit the table as well, such as the Earth element, and the wind element in the form of a tornado, which does a similar thing as the wave does when it hits the board. There are all sorts of various things that can happen in this game, which totally sets the game apart from your every day video slot machine games that are played online, so if you are looking for a new flavor in your gambling life, this could be a game for you.


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