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While standard five card poker, Texas Hold'em and Omaha are the most popular and well known poker games out there, there are a ton of different varieties, including triple edge poker, which can be played online at a ton of online casinos.

3 Card Poker

Triple edge poker is often times referred to as three card poker and involves getting dealt three cards. The online version of the game has three seats available, with the current player sitting in the center seat, playing against the dealer, or the house, just like most other poker games that are set up to be played against an online dealer.


The game is basically a round of poker, except with three card hands. This is a huge spin on the all other forms of poker, which complete a total of a five card hand. The goal of the game is to beat out the dealer, which really comes down to a pair of cards, or even a high card. The player gets to bet on their hand throughout the game against the dealer and the game moves along in a similar fashion to regular poker, until of course the cards are revealed. The game is played with a standard fifty two card deck and a lot of people find that it is a refreshing spin off of a game of regular poker. If you are looking to play some poker, but have become bored with the standard versions, you might want to try your luck with triple edge poker.


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