About the game

All American  is an online based video poker game that really gets things back to the basic, as there are no wilds that are involved in the game, the game does not have a progressive payout that is possible to hit, and the graphics are fairly minimal.

Double up 

However, a ton of people prefer to play on these machines, rather than play one of the new games, which feature all sorts of unique attributes. The game does give the player the ability to double up on their winnings when they do hit a winning hand.


The game starts out like any typical video poker game, with the player making the decision on how much they want to bet on each hand and then clicking the deal button. The combinations that can be won in the game are your typical winning hands in poker and those winning hands correspond to different amounts of coins that can be won through playing the game, with the top winning hand, of course, being the highly coveted royal flush.



This game is ideally suited for those people that are just getting a taste of playing video poker games, as some of the newer machines and games that are available to be played are aimed at giving veterans to online video poker a new flavor. With that being said, a ton of people have given the game excellent ratings, so it may be a good place to start out if you want to try your luck at video poker.


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